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China's "richest man gardener", single-handedly created the wealth and Shi Yuzhu legendary Pan Behind Gangster - Asia-Pacific investment banking at Deutsche Bank Chairman Cai Hongping, from a macro perspective shared future upgrades of manufacturing.

Text / Cai Hongping

Good afternoon, older, generally, I do not participate in this program, but this time I came.

Recently did two things: the first thing is Alibaba IPO, we had the most pleasant moments global Ali era. The second thing, just participated in the Hamburg Summit, attended the meeting German SMEs, so I feel very deeply.

The first thing I want to tell you is that Ali listed the same time, we like a lot, especially for China, a so-called bank in thinking about what? With the listing of Alibaba, China's Internet distribution, consumer, retail, communications industry has reached a climax, it will soon be over. I do not believe there will be a Ma later, everyone walked along it means to die, because death is not Ma, this is a band that we see not, in the whole of China's Internet, in the past almost 15 years inside first solve the communication, and the second to solve the consumer, and the third to resolve the circulation, the final settlement of the financial, these are the retail consumer.

But I wonder why the United States invented the Internet, but there is no Ali Baba, only the Amazon? Amazon was IP is what we do, if all directed at China Internet retail spending, buy cheap goods, seeking convenient. My point of view, this continues our nation will be finished. Just because they are cheap, only the sake of convenience, only to buy cheap goods. Of course, this road we must go, we do not deny it, we passed the first step, but not too much, we know where to go, this is the dividend, which is China's "non-reform dividend." Due to circulation behind, because the government control over the financial sector closed due to health and education are still not open in many areas, so the Chinese network played a pioneer, the first to break its barriers to achieve reform. "Non reform dividend" is my invention, this dividend to today, we enjoy almost the same, things can not be cheap, fake can no longer sell, our convenient enough.

So what to do today, and today all of us to be in front, based on the foundation of all network hardware and software and fully developed, the mobilization of all the networks to productivity march, Tesla science, science Apple. Humans are a production, a distribution, a consumer, we now have to enjoy here, enough!

We now turn to why I went to Hamburg, very touching, I saw six SME conference, saw the Paris Motor Show, the car cost 3D printing in 4500, the car has been out, I started the nearly 400 a plurality of Chinese entrepreneurs to Germany to look for SMEs, see if you can sell us. German told me that Chinese people are really more money, you Tyrant, you developed, I do not care! Vice-Chairman of the Conference of German Industry and Commerce finally told me: continue to develop inside Henry, they are small companies are 4.0 industrial revolution. I just said that 3D printing, intelligent production, composite materials, there are a lot of things medical equipment. I saw a shocking telemedicine things like writing so much, the first intravenous injection into the inside, in the Americans do the operating table, operating in Germany, you can bypass the heart, the surgery can not without anesthesia, the remote can be achieved. On such a small thing, Chinese people do not.

We enjoy the flashy Chinese people, we enjoy today, GDP growth, and we enjoy the Tyrant of fun, we enjoy a variety of everything today, we have to think about what the real strength of the country, what is productivity, we promote human Development of two thousand years of civilization, all social progress, political evolution, social development, everything revolves around pushing and pushing productivity, including the Western parliamentary system, national system.

But we ask ourselves, those of us Chinese people, we spent much thought, with a network of technology and the convenience and variety of means to march to the depth and breadth of production? In particular depth, I tell you, this wave of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, it took me two years, northern Italy, Austria, Switzerland, northern, eastern France, including Israel, this group formed the fourth generation of the industrial revolution locomotive, but we note that this wave of the industrial revolution without Chinese people play!

We also indulged in network traffic consumption, convenience retail, this of course, this is undeniable that improve people's lives, it is undeniable, but do not forget, Ma companies listed in the day, I always told Ma also said that today or apples instead Network right, so our major industrial countries after the major industrial countries, are a big manufacturing country, so many people, it is also a large market, conditions in our country should be the manufacturing sector, but very sad, and now the first small businesses can not dry I could not find the second Wang. The second small companies to get loans to ten to twenty, and today the United States is 1-2, but also not to reduce currency, interest is a negative interest in Europe, the central bank, and we got a private enterprise loans to 12 , 13, 20 policies, so all SMEs, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces, either on foot, or is put shadow banking. The two knives can be dangerous.

Second we have a history of scar. The people are poor countries and regions used to, we just get rich, we greeted the arrival of four, after the first call of industrialization, the second is called internationalization, and the third called urbanization, the fourth call Inization. The four of spent 100 years in the West, China is very lucky, we come together for 20 years to flourish, urbanization urban reconstruction, 3.0, 4.0 this phone, and soon 3G 4G on all to China, coupled with our WT or export as well as the manufacturing sector, the four modernizations corresponding arrival, the entire Chinese people, GDP fried up, after going?

Now mention this issue for a long time, the industrial upgrading of the industrial upgrading, how to upgrade, missing two things: first mentality, we have no one under the snow in the Alps inside, quietly make a small part, a lifetime to do two a hundred years, there is no such mentality? People there? Few, very impetuous. Do we have a second ecological? Rarely, Ren several scientists from the US development, in Shenzhen, do a lot of things to research and development, they still go back. Because there is no environment.

But I think that all in all, to this day, we still have time, we still have time, because we have such a huge network development infrastructure, we hardware 3G 4G has arrived, and we have so many smart entrepreneurs, I admire They, I am very impressed that most of you are manufacturing, never forget that manufacturing is our fundamental! If this wave we'll keep up the so-called 4.0 Industrial Revolution, what is 4.0 Industrial Revolution, is a very simple network, do not call simple, say a simple fact, not simple, Network + Robotics + Automation, right? We call intelligent production, Hon just good, just you have talked about, this climax must come, if we do not catch this wave, we're finished! Copy this nation has no chance to go, because in the past the Americans or, Europeans or whatever, to carry out his Chinese joint venture, you look to China joint venture the right, left to their own development, because he does not need China's cheap labor, because your labor is not cheap. The second time they do not need China's haze, such a haze in Beijing today, but also to engage in marathon, really ashamed of it, I, as a Chinese person, I went to Europe to talk about, a lot of Germans, many Europeans, circle inside Chinese people what you think? Not because of a bad race, we have a lot of scandals were off by disclosing to the newspaper, he said I do not believe you Chinese people, you copy something intellectual property rights there?

Well, do not say it all, we as banks, we now have the capital, we are now young entrepreneurs, we have direction from the original retail consumer (changed), last year I had just done Ali Baba, what ERPSHOP all I do, these are very good. They are the vanguard, congratulate them, but more people can come back to march to the manufacturing sector? I hope that people call to mobilize capital, mobilization of resources, to produce in-depth march, Chinese people have the ability to create more things, we are not known as the four great inventions Well, of course people do not know not to acknowledge that we are pushing this push for No, we can also have more invented, because we have too many smart people, but I hope you do not want to imtely make a fortune, we have one or two batches of fools, engineers have one or two batches, like many German people, two a hundred years to do a little product, do not imagine the depth of the deep to you, we need originality, rather than imtely fortune, fortune Forgot your heart, forget those richest man who forgot us these people, those of us who do not have much use, The core issue is quietly on a product with a new network technology, continuous march, one day you will find God and wealth, we will all support you!

thank you all.


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