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Electronic components, wonderful interpretation of life

   Electronic components in the electronic inion industry chain upstream, is the foundation of communication, computer and network, handheld devices, digital audio and video, factory automation, auto and other systems and terminal product development, plays a vital role on the development of electronic inion industry, and strong impetus and promoting China's industrialization and inization construction process. According to statistics, in 2014 the China electronic components industry achieved sales output value of 1693400000000 Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.5%; realize export delivery value of 720100000000 Yuan, grow 4.1%. Electronic device industry achieved sales output value of 1518300000000 Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.2%; realize export delivery value of 919400000000 yuan, a year-on-year growth of 5.8%.

      As Asia come first on the list of electronic industry event, the fourteenth Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair (electronica China) will be held in 2015 March 17-19 held in Shanghai New International Expo Center, E3, E4, E5 library, the total number of domestic and foreign exhibitors from electronic components industry nearly 1000, jointly held the same time Munich Shanghai electronic production equipment exhibition (productronica China), the total exhibition area will reach 57500 square meters, is expected to present the audience will be more than more than 56000.

   Munich Shanghai electronics show based on various key electronic devices, from component to system, from application to service, covering electronic inion industry chain. Exhibition, display ad hoc semiconductor, embedded system, micro nano and sensor technology, automotive electronics and test, passive components, switches and connectors, power supply, integrated circuits, test and measurement, printed circuit board and electronic manufacturing service theme pavilion, a comprehensive display of the electronic field the most advanced products and technology.

   The current exhibition, electronic components industry QunYing meta. The world's 20 largest semiconductor company in the Toshiba micron semiconductor, semiconductor, meaning law semiconductor, Renesas semiconductor, Infineon Technologies and fly think of Carle semiconductor, and the top 10 global passive components in the company, Murata TDK, Taiyo Yuden, AVX, Panasonic, guimigong, in all major in this exposition shining on stage, as the the vigorous development of the China electronic components industry in a year industry feast.

Automotive electronics innovation, change the car appearance

      With the development of lightweight auto, intelligent and electrification, the global automotive electronics industry ushered in the golden period of development. The modern auto electronic electronic technology, automotive technology, inion technology, computer technology and network technology is equal to one, the ECU control unit and the electric vehicle are applied in the car more and more, the auto electronic technology innovation will change the whole car appearance. According to the forecast, in 2015 China's auto electronics market growth rate of 13.02%, the size of the market is expected to exceed 400000000000 Yuan.

This year, Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair, global convergence of Auto Electronic Frontier Science and technology enterprises and more than 100 auto electronics related field of manufacturers and auto parts suppliers. With innovative thinking manufacturers of electronic components and electrical for the global market Shuo Electronics (SCHURTER) will be introduced to cover for the new energy automotive circuit protection, joint, EMC products, the switch and the input system, electronic manufacturing services and supporting integrated solutions in the exposition.

      During the exhibition, sponsored by the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute "Chinese International Automotive Electronics Technology Innovation Conference", will focus on the body electronics, electric vehicles, vehicle safety and other hot topics, inviting BYD, Chery and other well-known manufacturers of technical experts as speakers, and Infineon(INFINEON), Delphi (DELPHI), Renesas (RENESAS), United automotive electronics manufacturers on behalf of, to jointly explore the development and application of vehicle inion and entertainment system, new energy vehicles, car networking etc.

Power of intelligent life, conform to the trend of Internet of things
      Internet of things has been regarded as the semiconductor industry, "Next Big Thing" (the next big thing), according to the forecast of things related chip output in 2013 to 2018 years is expected to achieve compound annual growth rate as high as 22.3%. The 2015 Munich Shanghai electronics exhibition has gathered a group of leading international chip and electronic components manufacturers, most have been involved in things related field.
      As the world's leading semiconductor and storage company, Toshiba will launch the world's first mass-produced 15nm process NAND flash memory and semiconductor and storage service in the current exhibition, can be widely used in intelligent  phone, wireless connection, surveillance camera, image sensing and wearable devices and other fields. System on chip technology world leader Spansion Internet of things (Spansion) will bring a new generation of HMI microprocessor demonstration system, speech recognition system, variable frequency control scheme and low power microprocessor application case, both in mature market of home appliances or the future of the Internet of things market, has very strong competition ability. The field of MEMS sensor two vendors Bosch (BOSCH) and meaning law semiconductor (ST) IOT related product line layout will also be reflected in this exhibition, the MEMS applications from  communication accelerated expansion to the wearable devices and Internet of things.
      The exhibition held during the "international embedded system innovation forum" will be for the Internet of things in the application of intelligent life, from fly think of Carle (FREESCALE),technology (LINEAR), micron (MICRON), core (SILICON, LABS), Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute of industry experts will talk about Internet of things applications and the future. Another "International Medical Electronics Innovation Forum" will also focus can be used to wear design in the medical and health field.


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