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China first super America become the largest importer of German electronic products

23 journalists from the German Federal Foreign Trade and investment department was informed that, according to the German electrical and Electronic Industries Association (ZVEI)statistics, in 2014 the first time China beyond USA, become the most electronic products imported from Germany the state. According to ZVEI statistics, last year China imported from Germany 12300000000 euros worth of electronic products, a 15.9% increase over the previous year. Among them, the main imported products for the automation technology, industrial control and switch equipment, measurement technology and electronic components. American followed, imports increased 3.2% over 11300000000 euro. France ranked third. Although the global economic slowdown, but the German electronic industry's exports(including re exports) in January last year to October grew 3.9% to 136800000000 euros. Electronic industry of Germany from January to November actual production in 2014 year-on-year growth of 2.4%. The industry association predicts 2015, German electronic product prices will rise 1.5 percentage points of the appropriate. Sales will increase to 174000000000 euros. Germany Trade and invest expert Max Milbredt said, the German electronic industry manufacturers are facing severe environmental situation is still has made encouraging progress in the last year, which shows the strength of the electronic industry in Germany. In addition to become Germany's largest foreign imports of electronic products, he added, Chinese or investment project of the national the largest number in Germany in the electronic industry, which also proves the close cooperation between the two countries in the field of. To promote industrial upgrading, China official greater attention in recent years on imports of high-tech products. The State Council executive meeting held in September 29, 2014 put forward the implementation of import, actively promote the strategy, strengthen technology, products and imports of services, and to encourage the expansion of imports of advanced equipment and key components, adjustment "to encourage imports of technologies and products directory".


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