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Development and Prospect of potentiometer resistance industry

      In recent years the potentiometer resistance industry rapid development, along with theTaiwanfactory started to enter the domestic market, Chinese, resistance potentiometer industry competition. Taiwan enterprises of the products, mostly in the low-end products, especially low end the product more, its patent level, or technical content are relatively low. InChina, the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta has a group of resistance potentiometer enterprises, but their economic development imbalance. Like a number of private enterprises, they can earn some money, but the low grade of products, can be said to be not much technical content. While the original by the state support and leave S O Es now are not much, and most now operate at a loss, poor economic returns. The main reason is the lack of high-end products. Now many low-end products, and shipments of low-end products is very large, we also export the resistance, the number is also great, but the small amount of money. Because of its technical content is low, and there are so many manufacturers in the competition, so to sell a good price is really difficult.

      Now the low-end products are faced with a problem, that is, the vicious competition, this competition is in disorder, the individual, low-level competition. Market competition is the competition of the. We why this is the case then, the technical content is too low, the remaining price competition. Everybody does not have technical content and quality competition, just for the price. You a I nine per cent, you nine per cent I eight per cent, a lot of enterprises is be unable to resist sustain the blows of the last. Now the industry profit has dropped to the resistance in order to determine the calculation, good profit one to two money, even one per cent difference can earn. The recent increase in the prices of raw materials, more make many enterprises close to no profit business.

How to solve the development problems in the domestic resistance potentiometer

      If the enterprise does not have the core competitiveness, if we will still do the disorderly competition in low level, so the industry in the future of the whole nation will be lost. So do the thing to have the mind, not the brain does the product, in the market is not competitive. But with the development of the market, the survival of the fittest, will eliminate some enterprises. Adjust only the market economy, will change this vicious competition situation, many companies will therefore dismount. The reasons for this situation, because enterprises do not have professional and technical personnel, many enterprises mister, do not understand this knowledge. Not only that, even with the talent, technology and equipment are now also can not keep up.

      Manufacturing technology is not a short duration of time can be self fulfilling, if development from low-end to high-end, from the beginning of R & D is certainly take too long. You Is it right? Introduced advanced technology or equipment, can keep not be eliminated in this market?

      Development on research and development. The introduction of patented technology or equipment that is not realistic, because these have the import price is very expensive, require tens of millions or even billions of funds, investment is too large. This industry based return period is too long, has not waited for the debts, may have the enterprise down. Or to the independent self development ability in the market foothold.

On current policies of the state for the potentiometer resistance industry

      From the national perspective, on the basis of these sectors of the traditional product is not special preferential policy, in some places, may have duty-free preferential to local enterprises. But in the traditional enterprise speaking, countries generally will not give too many concessions, but let the enterprise self development. Just like some war industry enterprise, the state will have to support them.

Analysis on the development prospect of potentiometer resistance industry

      Resistance potential industry great development space, endless, especially high-end products. Take a notebook, a large computer in the sixty's, computer components, is a great. But now the computer is small, since the birth of the personal computer, the world market quickly push this thing, that there is resistance ah. The original resistance as big as a fist, and now the resistance as a grain of rice is so big, there are numerous. The development of science has no end, the development space of some products may be relatively small, but the resistor, it uses a very wide. Many of our industries are using resistance, as long as the analog circuit and digital circuit exists, it exists. At present, the development prospect is very large, is not only the prediction, and now can see the market is very big.


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