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Shenzhen WELLTE Innovation Electronics Co., Ltd. is specializing in the design, development, production potentiometers, encoders,sensors, rocker switch of high-tech enterprises, products widely used in audio, musical instruments, automotive, home appliances, remote control toys, communications equipment, medical equipment and other industries. The company has been established in 2002, to determine the "quality, efficiency, productivity, cost" approach to business since

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WXD3-13 RV24YN Dial knob SW-3 WXD3-12 R1660PSNA-V1 3590S WH5-1A EC11□1□1□-VA EC1131X1D-V1 R1661NO R0920GO KN-21

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WELLTE Innovation Electronics Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City

Address: Shenzhen city Longhua District Guanlan Street cattle Lake Community in paddy fieldindustrial district B District 5

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