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Bussiness philosophy

Professional   Innovation   Credit

●  The tendency of "action"
●  Close to the customer, understand customer
●  Because let employees play autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit
●  Through training to improve staff quality,
●  To increase productivity through quality
●  Establish the correct values, actively carry out
●  Do professional thing
●  The organization form of simple, very few staff
●  Wide and tight

Enterprise culture
Do things honest
 sincere joy in work life happiness

The qualit
y policy
In my work I guarantee continued to improve customer satisfaction

Quality commitment  
A good quality number of correct delivery on time

Quality concept

●  Quality is designed and manufactured, instead of inspection.
●  Will always uphold the human factor in the first place, the consciousness of quality education and skills training staff through daily work.
●  Committed to avoid bad product produced by the reduction in the process of makingmistakes, advocate "for the first time will do a good job" style of work to reduce the quality loss, the unity of the pursuit of high-quality and high efficiency.
●  A "full participation and autonomy, improve, imte action" as our consensus. Any department anyone have the responsibility and obligation to continue to review, found thateach link of management and operation defects, and have the responsibility and obligation torapidly improve the proposed requirements and take timely corrective action.
 ●  Take the customer as the center is our aim, so that customer satisfaction is our wish, listen carefully to the voice of the customer is our responsibility, be sure to complain about the most subtle finds out the shortcomings and improved products and services.
●  Quality improvement activities is arduous and long-term work, we are very concerned aboutquality improvement measures are complete and effective, and stressed that through continuous improvement actions to achieve quality stability.

Service commitments

Sincere quality and price level fast

Service concept

●  Want to have happy customers. Therefore, producing the highest quality products, provide the highest quality products, and providing the highest quality service is the primary target.
●  Customers is the quality of the products and services in their evaluation of WELLTE is decisive.
●  Quality objectives - WELLTE is always "zero defect" quality or one hundred percent.
●  The customer not only evaluation WELLTE products quality, they also evaluated WELLTE service quality, therefore, the supply must be on time.
●  Inquiry, quotation, sample, customer complaints must be dealt with quickly, timely, thoroughmust abide by the commitment period.
●  The achievement of the quality objectives related to each company's employees, from the staff to the boss and everyone has a responsibility to ensure that the highest standards of quality work. When found to endanger the quality and their right to solve the problem, we must imtely report to supervisor.
●  To each work is handled properly from the start, so that not only help to improve the qualityand help to reduce the cost of. Quality is the effectiveness.
●  Not only to correct the error, change, eliminating the root cause of the error. Prevention first.
●  Quality - product quality also depends on the parts, therefore WELLTE require suppliers toprovide the highest quality products, but also help them to achieve the common goal of WELLTE quality.
●  Even if the hard efforts, mistakes will happen by chance. Because of this WELLTE constituting a lot of effective preventive measures , these measures must be strictly implemented from first to last.
●  The achievement of the quality objectives is one of the most important management task WELLTE, should emphasize the quality of the work process of the employee performance appraisal.
     Each employee WELLTE must abide by the quality policy of the company, at the same time should satisfy customers more, higher requirements, meet the quality first, service first, the customer first.

The quality policy

The whole staff participation;

The production of stable quality products;

We continue to meet customer demand.

The quality objectives

The finished product inspection pass rate: 98%;

Finished product delivery on time rate: 98%;

The number of monthly customer complaint: No more than 3 times.

The environmental policy

Abide by the regulations of antifouling waste reduction, continuous improvement of green environmental protection

Environmental objectives

Environmental hazardous substances 0 complaints

And enterprise related environmental complaints of not more than 1 times per year

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